Hi! My name is Jana and I am a Professional Family Child Care Provider in Stow, Ohio. I have been in this business since 1991 and spent approximately 11 of these years as a Type B Certified provider. I offer a safe, loving environment and pride myself on quality care. I enjoy putting together and teaching my own Preschool Curriculum 4 mornings a week and pride myself on 'my' full-time children being fully ready for kindergarten upon leaving my care. Communication between myself and my families is important to me. I utilize a variety of ways to achieve this. I publish a monthly newsletter, send home daily notes for infants year-round and preschoolers during the school year, and maintain a private Facebook Group page for my families.

I currently have an enrollment of 15 children in my home daycare, Step By Step Child Care & Preschool. Of these 15 children, a few are enrolled full-time, a few are enrolled part-time, and the remainder are enrolled as drop-in only. I average 6 children at a time per day. Due to the nature of this business, I do keep a waiting list and interview for new placements as openings occur.

In addition to my child care business, I enjoy being the administrator of a very active world-wide daycare group online. This group is called Provider's Playground and consists of not only family child care providers, but preschool teachers and daycare center employees and directors. This group is a great source of ideas such as for our preschool curriculums and also for support.

As far as my educational and work background, I hold a high school diploma and an Associate's Degree in Medical Secretarial. I formerly held a position as the Word Processing Secretary (yes, it was the late 80s) for Easter Seal Society for 3 counties in the state of PA. Pertaining to child care, I have taken numerous workshops and classes over the years in such topics as child development, nutrition, health and safety and many more.

Outside of my child care job, I am a mom to 4 grown children - 3 girls and a boy, and a grandma to 3! I love to stay active and healthy. I enjoy taking Spinning and Zumba classes at a local gym. I used to teach HTML and had a Web Design business but going to the gym took precedence and so I gave that up. However, I do actively maintain this website as well as maintain a few former websites that I created in the past. I love to go to movies, out to dinner, love to read, enjoy going to the beach/lake in the summer, and attending various local events and attractions. In music I like Top 40 songs and some country. I don't watch a lot of TV but when I do I watch I like Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Biggest Loser, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Nancy Grace, 20/20, documentaries, American Idol, X Factor, and Lifetime movies.

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