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Preschoolers LOVE Halloween!
3 full pages here of book ideas,
songs, poems, fingerplays, arts,
crafts, games, recipes, and more.

Preschoolers seem to be
fascinated with rainbows!
See 4 pages of ideas here.

Here is a fun page full of
really cool science activities
for your preschoolers.

Camping is a huge hit with
preschoolers! You can find
a full page of song, craft,
and theme ideas here!

Ladybugs are fascinating!!
2 pages of book ideas, songs
and fingerplays, arts and crafts,
recipes, and more.


Step By Step Newsletter
My daycare newsletter updated
monthly. Also see my monthly
daycare calendar.

Daycare Forms
Forms for everything daycare!
New forms added regularly.

Daycare Articles
A series of articles written
by Fiona Lohrenz. She gives
advice on starting and operating
a child care service.

Advertising & Promoting
Your Daycare

Tried and true and unique
ways to market your family
child care business.

Information & Resources
You will find tons of info
here! Everything from being
burnt out to gift ideas for
providers to some great
parenting articles.

Daycare Advice for Newbies
Sensible advice from seasoned
providers for newbies in the


Kids Under 9 Spend More
Than 2 Hours a Day on
Screens, Report Show

The amount of time young children
in the United States spend with
mobile screens might raise some
eyebrows, as a new report found
it has tripled in just four years.

No Fruit Juice for Kids Under
1, Pediatricians advise

Children should not be given fruit juice
before they are 1 year old unless it's
advised by a doctor, according to new
guidelines from the American Academy
of Pediatrics, published Monday in
the journal Pediatrics.

The Fidget Spinner Fad: Adults
Don't Get It and That's The Point

When I asked a colleague if he knew
about fidget spinners, he responded:
"I'd never heard of them until last
week, when my daughter told me she
had to have one."

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