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Songs & Fingerplays

My Octopus Song - sung to "Three Blind Mice"

Octopus, Octopus
In the Sea, In the Sea
To swim they use all 8 of their arms
Their color changes to hide them from harm
They live in the sea, not on a farm
The Octopus

- by Chicky-ma-ma

I'm a Big Whale - sung to "Clementine"

I am swimming, I am swimming,
I am swimming in the sea.
I'm a big whale and I'm swimming,
I am swimming in the sea.

I am singing, I am singing,
I am singing in the sea.
I'm a big whale and I'm singing,
I am singing in the sea.

I am spouting, I am spouting,
I am spouting in the sea.
I'm a big whale and I'm spouting,
I am spouting in the sea.

A Sailor Went to Sea

A sailor went to sea, sea, sea
To see what he could see, see, see
But all that he could see, see, see
Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea!

My Fishy Song - sung to "The More We Get Together"

If I could be a fishy,
A fishy, a fishy
If I could be a fishy
What kind would I be?
A swordfish, a guppy,
A goldfish, a molly,
If I could be a fishy,
I would be a (child fills in the blank)

- by Chicky-ma-ma

My Starfish Song - sung to "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

I'm a little brown starfish,
Brown starfish, brown starfish
I'm a little brown starfish
Who lives under the sea

- by Chicky-ma-ma

Arts & Crafts

Under The Sea Idea

Take some original goldfish crackers and some markers. Let the kids paint the fish different colors. Glue each fish on 1/4" wide strips of clear plastic (from packaging of various items) make strips different lengths. Then stick them on a piece of styrofoam painted like the ocean floor. Cut out some 'Seaweed' from paper and 'plant' in the styrofoam. Instant no fuss aquarium. I had an old cake cover from a deli which I tinted with glass paint and put on top of it to keep little fingers off but when you gently move the styrofoam the fish "swim".

~Submitted by Wendy in CT


Glue together two cup sections from the bottom of a cardboard egg carton, and let them dry. Cover them with black paint. Attach eight yarn tentacles with glue to the bottom. Cut eyes and a mouth from paper, and glue them in place.

~Submitted by Cheryl


Fish Puppets

Theme Ideas

Fish, Fish, Shark - game

This game is based on the game duck, duck, goose. The children are in a circle and one child walks around tapping the other children on the head saying fish each time until they say shark one time. This child then runs around the circle chasing the other child to see who gets back to the empty space first.

~Submitted by Julia, NSW

1. The sea or ocean is a great expanse of salt water that covers a large part of the earth.
2. There is more water than land on Earth.
3. The sea is a unique world with special plants and animals.
4. Freshwater plants and animals cannot live in the sea's salt water and people cannot drink it.
5. Some sea animals are the whale, shark, dolphin, crab, lobster, seahorse, sea turtle, sea otter, sea snail, oyster, jellyfish, seal, eel, squid and clam.
6. People use the sea in many ways, such as for transportation, recreation, and food.
7. People sometimes pollute the sea. We need to keep it clean and safe for plants, animals, and people.

Show & Tell - some ideas are a shell, sand dollar, sea sponge, small bag of beach sand, beach toy, toy boat or picture of a sea creature.

Flying Fish Socks

Supply a large box. Paint the box blue to represent the ocean. Ask parents to send in any clean unmatched socks they do not want. Have the children use permanent markers to decorate the socks to resemble fish. Once the fish have been decorated, fill the socks partially with handfuls of dried beans, sand or rice. Then secure the ends with rubber bands. Let the children take turns tossing the flying fish into the box. Fun!!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Octupus Color Changes

Discuss with your child how an octopus will change colors to blend with its surroundings. Cut four or five different colored octopus from construction paper. Set out four or five of matching sheets of construction paper. Ask your child to match the octopus with its background.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

In the Kitchen

Under The Sea Snack

blue Jell-O
Swedish Fish or gummy fish

Prepare the Jell-O to liquid form. Give each child a fish or 2 and ask them to tell
you how many fish you've given them and the colors of their fish before they drop
them into the "ocean." Once finished, prepare as directed and serve.

Ocean Snack

stick pretzels...we used the little ones
goldfish crackers
ocean shaped fruit snacks
peanut butter or marshmallow fluff

Have the kids go fishing for their snack.....
I put all of the above on a paper plate for each
Dip your pretzel in PB or fluff
stick it to a fruit snack or fish

Very good small muscle movement

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare


In a dixie cup, pour juice (orange, apple, fruit punch, etc.), put in a craft stick. Put in gummy worms hanging over the edge to look like legs. When the pop is taken out of the cup it looks like an octopus on a stick. The kids really LOVE both making & eating them! (A good snack to eat outside.)

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare


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